A Concrete Townhouse in Mexico City by Studio Rick Joy

I came across this article entitled - A Concrete Townhouse in Mexico City Marks Studio Rick Joy’s First Ground-Up Urban Building by Fred A. Bernstein in Interior Design Homes.

What caught my eye the use of concrete in this contemporary home. Concrete is such a stunning material and it is not just about shape-making. It is the feel of the material and the light and shadow it creates. Concrete can make asymmetry as graceful as symmetry, or turn volumes of space into engrossing mysteries.

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Stacked Zinc Boxes Form Multi-Generational House in Melbourne

I have noticed the trend of multi-generational homes.  Pew Research Center defines a multigenerational household as one with grandparents and grandchildren or with two or more adult generations. The trend since 1980 is more people living in multigenerational homes, and a higher number of multigenerational households, said D'Vera Cohn, a senior writer and editor at Pew.

I found a beautifully designed multi-generational house in Melborne, Australia.  Australian architect Matt Gibson has created a multi-generational home from a stack of zinc-clad boxes on a narrow infill site in Melbourne.

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Rhythmic Curves for a Santa Monica Residence

An article came in my inbox from Interior Design Homes showcasing two modern architects - John Friedman and Alice Kimm.  Both are modern architects that were tired of boxy, stacked architecture.  The married co-principals of multicultural heritages - North African and South American - commissioned a new home in Santa Monica, California and blamed it on BOSSA NOVA.  This home is an excellent example of Contemporary Design.

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