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My name is Eduardo da Bahia and I would like to welcome you to my journal - Contempo.

After receiving my diploma in Interior Design, I was at a loss.  I had studied so many different styles and periods during my coursework for my diploma I felt a bit confused.  Should I be an interior designer that would design whatever I was asked?  It felt overwhelming.  At the same time, there are styles that do not speak to me.


I felt that I needed some help and found the book - Branding + Interior Design: Visibility and Business Strategy for Interior Designers by Kim Kuhteubl.  I learned that having a Point of View (POV) not only would define my brand but would be something that truly excites me.  I looked back at my body of work from my studies and realized that I love everything CONTEMPORARY.  Contemporary Style is not tied to a specific period of time.  It is ever-evolving and reflect what is happening today.  I believe my love of Contemporary Style comes from my life as a fashion designer.  In fashion, things are constantly changing.  Nothing ever stays the same.

Contempo is a weekly journal that will update you on everything that is Contemporary Style.  

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do!

- Eduardo

So let’s start with some of my favorite contemporary designers:

Phillippe Stark

I fell in love with Philippe Stark when I lived on South Beach (Miami Beach).  He designed The Delano, a boutique hotel on South Beach.


Guest Room - The Delano, South Beach

Rooms are modern and plush in stark all-white furnishings with bright green monstera plants or orchids serving as accent decor.

Pieces from Salone del Mobile 2019: A Year Focused on Intelligence


AI - A chair designed by Artificial Intelligence

Launched at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair during Milan design week 2019, the chair was designed by Starck using prototype generative design software developed by Autodesk.

Mari Cristal.png

Mari Cristal - Transparent Table

“The intelligent part of human production goes to dematerialization. Everything will disappear," states designer Philippe Starck. Mari Cristal is not simply a dining table; to Starck, it is part of the preparation towards dematerialization. “We do not yet know how to make a table disappear, so we have to make it invisible.” With this in mind, Philippe has designed a slim and transparent dining table, light enough that it barely takes up space, but with enough presence to still make a grand impression.

Smart Wood.png

Chair - Smart Wood - Made from Tridimensional Plywood

Today, continuous technological research allows Kartell to use wood in an absolutely innovative way: thanks to a special patent, the wood is machined with a mould that can extend the limit of curvature of the panel and create the frame of the chair with sinuous curves.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is a self-taught British designer. He is currently the Creative Director of the brand 'Tom Dixon' specializing in Lighting, Furniture and Accessories.  His works have been acquired by museums across the globe, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Modern Art New York and Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. (Wikipedia)

Pullman Hotel, Bercy Paris.png

Pullman Hotel, Bercy Paris

A sense of place, warmth and comfort was brought to the public areas of the hotel and celebrated the new services offered by the Pullman team. Bold sculptural interventions and rich upholstery were introduced to create varied and distinct environments working within the boundaries of the existing architecture and interiors.

Ambiente, Frankfurt 2019.png

Ambiente, Frankfurt 2019

A bold, bright and brutalist space with large arches and stepped walls is the backdrop for his extraordinary objects on display at Frankfurt's Ambiente Fair.

La Marozocco.png

La Marzocco + Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon creates The BREW coffee range is the perfect symbolism of this relationship. BREW recognises coffee making as a form of art and coffee drinking as one of our few remaining contemporary rituals. The espresso cups are double-walled and heat resistant, yet striking in form. Combining intelligent engineering with elegant design, the range takes pride of place on any kitchen counter.

Patricia Urquiola

I fell in love with Patricia Urquiola when I came across her work with Janus et Cie.  She is a Spanish designer that lives and works in Milan.  She designs for the most important Italian and international companies.  Some of her products are exhibited in various Museums and collections.


Liquefy extension

High and low tables and console in tempered extralight glass with a veined and organic decoration which takes on the colour and veins of marble.


Anatra Collection

The Anatra Collection for Janus et Cie was born from the desire to play and experiment with the scale of weaving, a technique that is very distinctive of the brand.


Rigo for Agape

Rigo for Agape is a bathroom furniture system closely inspired by architecture.

Two parallel beams run across the wall to create a linear opportunity to lay the washbasin and its accessories on. A detailed set of trays and containers allow the system to take on miscellaneous configurations from the simplest to the most elaborate. Combining marble, wood and anodized aluminum adds aesthetic and material richness.