A Concrete Townhouse in Mexico City by Studio Rick Joy

I came across this article entitled - A Concrete Townhouse in Mexico City Marks Studio Rick Joy’s First Ground-Up Urban Building by Fred A. Bernstein in Interior Design Homes.

What caught my eye is the use of concrete in this contemporary home. Concrete is such a stunning material and it is not just about shape-making. It is the feel of the material and the light and shadow it creates. Concrete can make asymmetry as graceful as symmetry, or turn volumes of space into engrossing mysteries.

Studio Rick Joy, a Tucson based cooperative practice, designed an 11,000-square-foot, two-family residence in Mexico City. For Studio Rick Joy, it is their ‘first growing-up urban building’. It is a five-story townhouse in the upscale neighborhood, Polanco and is comprised of a pair of duplex apartments stocked on a ground-floor garage. The townhouse’s sculptural form arose from Rick Joy’s habitual desire to bring the outdoors in.

front of townhouse.jpg

The poured-concrete townhouse comprises a pair of duplex apartments stacked on a ground-floor garage. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

living room.jpg

Pedro Ramirez Vázquez’s painted-steel coffee table centers the penthouse living area, which looks onto a street-facing terrace and an internal courtyard.


Lush vegetation fills the courtyard at the base of the south lightwell.

penthouse dining area.jpg

The penthouse dining area’s table and chairs are walnut and oak, respectively.

master suite hallway.jpg

In the penthouse master suite hallway, a window set in the deep concrete facade is angled precisely to frame views of neighboring treetops.

master suite.jpg

Caballo con plumas, a photograph by Flor Garduño, hangs above the master suite’s custom walnut bed.

master bath.jpg

Since the master bath overlooks a shared lightwell, opaque privacy film has been applied to the steel-casement windows.

penthouse kitchen.jpg

The penthouse kitchen, a simple galley overlooking the south lightwell, has custom oak cabinetry and travertine countertops

guest bedroom.jpg

A guest room’s custom oak bed is flanked by a custom brushed-brass side table and a flatweave wool rug.

south light well.jpg

In the south lightwell, vines grow in baskets hanging from ropes threaded with local stones.


At one end of the terrace, a custom oiled-teak dining table is served by Bogus Studio’s painted-steel chairs.

terrace 2.jpg

On the opposite side, the terrace firepit is flanked by custom Bali beds.